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cory mortensen


About Cory Mortensen

Born in the small town of New Prague, Minnesota, and raised amidst the sun-soaked landscapes of Scottsdale, Arizona, Cory Mortensen embarked on a unique journey that shaped both his life and literary career.


Choosing an unconventional path, his journey began with dropping out of college to immerse himself with a job on Wake Island, gaining valuable experiences that would later infuse his writing with a distinctive perspective. Returning to the United States, he started a dynamic career as a project manager for several prestigious architecture firms, coupled with a venture into real estate by flipping houses.

The allure of exploration took center stage when Cory made the bold decision to sell everything and traverse the globe for two transformative years. This period of travel not only broadened his horizons but also laid the foundation for a successful entrepreneurial endeavor. Cory established and grew a business into a multimillion-dollar venture, eventually selling it to pursue a shared dream with his wife, Kate.

Best Selling Author

Marriage to Kate marked the beginning of another adventure as the couple once again divested themselves of possessions to embark on a two-year journey through South America. During this time, Cory and Kate not only explored the breathtaking landscapes but also dedicated themselves to volunteering and trekking, fostering a deep connection with the communities they encountered.

In 2020, Cory Mortensen penned "The Buddha and the Bee," a captivating work that became a bestseller and earned acclaim with numerous book awards. This success was followed by the publication of "UNLOST," a top 100 bestseller and recipient of multiple book awards, further establishing Cory as a notable voice in contemporary literature.

Cory's writing seamlessly weaves together the threads of personal experience, cultural exploration, and a profound sense of purpose. Their work continues to resonate with readers worldwide, offering a unique blend of storytelling that transcends boundaries and inspires a deeper understanding of the human experience.


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