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Embracing Bewilderment

Embracing Bewilderment CORY MORTENSEN
A (Very) Flexible Plan, A Lust for Adventure, and a Zeal for Exploration

CORY MORTENSEN shares his wanderlust with his readers as he embarks on a new voyage, starting this adventure among the unique and diverse landscapes of Iceland.  He explores the historic and amazing off-the-beaten-path wonders of different cultures and beautiful vistas throughout Europe, making friends, facing unexpected dangers, and gaining perspective among the Europe’s many hidden surprises.


Then a quick call home results in a diversion to Hong Kong to help his uncle with a business deal, which leads to a diversion to Southeast Asia and the Philippines.  From wise fortune tellers, to huge killer bees, to automatic weapons, to magnificent foods and customs, this part of the journey was among the most unfamiliar and curious of the foreign lands.

Wonder | Humor | Adventure | Gratitude | Acceptance

Navigating between supreme adventure and unwanted obligations, straddling the surreal and the real, Cory chose his own adventure.  All he needed was his passport, a 70-lb pack crammed with all his worldly possessions, a very flexible schedule, an insatiable desire to roam freely.

From The Road

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