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Going back in time, in Patagonia

There really is no place like Patagonia. Just the word “Patagonia” inspires dreams and ambitions. To visit this place is like going back in time. Amazingly, much of Patagonia is still unadulterated – unaltered, one imagines from the time when the Fuegians called it home. That is until the Europeans arrived with their measles and smallpox and weapons, wiping out an entire people in less than 100 years.

It’s hard to put into words the emotions this landscape evokes. At time harsh, barren, then suddenly lush. Unpredictable weather. And impossible to capture panoramas. The land is unforgiving. Mountains lead to pastures, streams rush to lakes, and glaciers form in the spaces in between. It seems only the tough survive here. Those who stay rely on the land. Cattle and sheep populate the many estancias. Wild llama, called Guanaco, strut across the pampas. And reminiscent of the dinosaur, Nando, an ostrich-like creature, prance across roads and fields just to remind you that you are in a place like no other. 

We hiked on some of the most pristine trails, in some of the most beautiful and hard to reach landscapes I have ever seen. In addition to Torres del Paine, we also explored El Chalten and El Calafate. We definitely felt we were in another world. Patagonia is like nowhere I’ve ever experienced or dreamed of. It is an amazing, wild and magical place.


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